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UAW Region 1 Director’s Scholarhsip

2020 Director’s Scholarship

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How long is this shameful situation with elevators going to go on?

How long can WSU Administration delay, drag, divert, and
mismanage fixing elevators on campus?

In 2019, there were over 150 calls to WSU police to help people stuck on campus elevators!  

That is practically one person trapped

in an elevator every other day!

Elevators don’t regularly work in key buildings, parking structures,

and student housing.

We are tired of the Administration doing “studies”, “assessments”,
and “evaluations” for the last 4 years. The Administration’s handling
of this issue is unacceptable.

We’ve had enough! We want the elevators fixed. NOW.

Use the hashtag:  #FixTheElevators and/or send your experiences through this google form.   


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What Has The Union Done For Me?

Ever hear that question?

  • Job Security ________________________Article 1,3
  • Representation_______________________Article 1
  • Grievance Procedure __________________Article 8,13
  • Promotional Opportunities______________Article 15, 16
  • Job Classifications____________________Article 1, 57
  • Relief Periods_______________________Article 33
  • Uniform Pay Scale____________________Article 57
  • Guaranteed Wage Increases______________Article 1
  • Overtime Pay________________________Article 25
  • Shift Premiums ______________________Article 25
  • Paid Holidays________________________Article 47
  • Paid Vacations_______________________Article 49
  • Paid AP Days ________________________Article 45
  • Jury Duty Pay________________________Article 46
  • Bereavement Pay______________________Article 45
  • Military Duty Pay______________________Article 40,41
  • Paid Holiday Closure____________________Article 48
  • Illness Benefits________________________Article 44
  • Long Term Disability Benefits______________Article 52
  • 37.5 Hour Work Week___________________Article 33
  • Severance Pay________________________Article 30
  • Prescription Drugs _____________________Article 50
  • Family Dental Care_____________________Article 51
  • Family Vision Care_____________________Article 50
  • Tuition Benefits_______________________Article 55
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New Website!

Celebrating the holidays - 2010 - photo by Syed Ali

P&A Has a new and improved web site!

The new site will feature:

  • latest calendar of events
  • union news
  • “how to” videos
  • benefit information
  • …and much more.

We even have a new photo gallery!  So…please come back and check our uaw1979.org often!


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