Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I file a grievance?

There are existing procedures to follow when union members want to file a grievance.

See Collective Agreement Manual – Article 8, page 11.)

Please note that the grievance process is currently under review by the executive board to enhance the grievance process procedures.

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2. What is our vacation bank limit?

The vacation bank limit for a P&A member is 23 days or 173 hours.

(Collective Agreement Manual – Article 49, Vacation, page 58.)

3. I’ve almost reached the limit of my vacation bank what do I do now?

It may be too late but submit a request to your supervisor for time off. Article 49, Paragraph B of the contract sets a 60-day advance notice requirement in this scenario.

4. When is the last date that I can use my Floating Holiday and Personal Days?

The last day to use the one floating holiday and two personal days is July 31st of the current contract year.

(Collective Agreement Manual – Article 45, Item #6, page 55; Article 47, item A, page 57.)

5. How do I know if I have taken my Floating Holiday and Personal days?

The Attendance Tracking System (ATS) will capture floating holidays and personal days hours taken. This information can be requested from your managers and/or supervisors that have access to this system.