Standing Committee

Budget & Union Label; Chairperson- Regina Irby
Members: Michelle Burns

Constitution & Bylaws; Chairperson -Sophia Johnson-Parks
Members: Wanda Gillespie

Citizen and Legislative; Chairperson- n/a
 Members: none

Grievance & Community Affairs; Chairperson n/a

Recreation & Conservation; Chairperson- Amanda Donigian
Members:  Michelle Matthews
Women’s Committee

Educational & Research; Chairperson – Tyrhonda Jackson
Members: Eric McCormick
Jordan Millwood

Women’s Committee; Chairperson -Felicia Rush
Members: Octavia Crum
Tyrhonda Jackson
Elaine Terrell-Ellis

Civil & Human Rights; Chairperson- Elaine Terrell-Ellis
Members: Dorothea Smith
Jean White

Retiree Committee; Chairperson Karen Mckissick
Members: none

Chaplaincy Committee; n/a

Election Committee; Chairperson- Lisa High-Crume
Members: Deborah Staples
Doris King

Election Consultant Linda Teasley

 Monitoring Committee; Chairperson- n/a

If you’re interested in joining a committee; please contact the Union office. 7.1945

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