Local 1979 Standing Committees 

Vibrant local unions and progressive social movements don’t just happen; they are planned for and worked on by the people like you-members who care about the future and status of our union, members who care about what kind of future we want for all working families. One way to make a difference in all aspects of our union movement is through standing committees.  Please inquire and join a standing committee!

What Standing Committees Do?

An effective standing committee is a motivated, energetic and innovative group of members who can apply their abilities to their areas of interest. Standing committees work in cooperation with their local union executive board. They identify topics ,programs and issues that are important to the membership, the community, the local union, the international union and labor movement as a whole. They develop plans and proposals for activities and , when approved by the local union executive board, carry out those plans. Standing committees report out at membership meetings on the progress of their activities and future plans.



ELECTION committee is called upon to handle all Local Executive Board nominations, set up all Local 1979 Elections, conduct said elections and make sure that the votes are tabulated and verified.

UNION LABEL committee supports the labor movement by informing and educating members about the products we buy as consumers. This committee helps to emphasize the importance of supporting those goods and services produced by union members under union-won working conditions.


BUDGET committee-

RETIREES committee-


CHAPLAINCY committee mission is to represent UAW Region 1 members in a manner which reflects our commitment of “Caring In The Workplace” and community. In doing so, we are guided by a spiritual belief that everyone’s purpose is to serve others in a capacity which upholds the principles of Integrity, Honesty, Accountability and Responsibility


CIVIL & HUMAN RIGHTS committee is an essential guardian of the “No Discrimination” policy of our Union.  Members of this committee fulfill the local union’s commitment to assure members full rights regardless of religion, race, creed, color, sex, political affiliation, national origin, age, disability, marital status or sexual orientation.

 EDUCATION & RESEARCH committee- The specific duties of the committee shall be to promote all branches of education affecting the welfare of the individual members. Research – The specific duties of the committee shall be gather and keep on file information on wages , hours and other conditions of  employment and any general information.

 WOMEN’S  committee works to further the gains of women in the workplace as well as society. This committee informs and educates to broaden the scope of traditional women’s roles. The sisters and brothers on the Women’s Committee encourage women to become active in local, national and community causes and programs.

CITIZEN & LEGISLATIVE committee is the worksite political-legislative arm of the local union and the vital workplace political activator.  Agenda ; protecting worker rights, fair trade, new initiatives for working families , health and safety and other issues that affect working families.

VETERANS committee seeks members who are willing to represent the interest of all active and retired UAW veterans and their families. This committee is dedicated to advocating for the political and social needs for Veterans.

BY-LAW & CONSTITUTION committee sets the stage for how the local will function. Members of this committee are responsible for submitting original and or amended bylaws provision to the local union membership for discussion and approval

COMMUNITY SERVICES committee performs the important task of getting help from members and their families in time of need.

CONSUMER AFFAIRS committee members believe that the labor movement should monitor the social conscience and performance of companies in order to provide safe and honest products and services.

MONITORING committee


RECREATION & CONSERVATION  committee provides a variety of opportunities that fall into two categories. Recreation, which includes leisure time activities, and Conservation , which includes environmental concerns.

 If you’re interested in joining a committee; please contact the Union office. 7.1945

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