Greetings P&A, UAW Local 1979 Members,

If you’re interested in participating in the following events please contact the Union office.  (7.1945 or )


Region 1 Veterans Council Meeting

Veterans Council @ VA Hospital, Valentines Treats to Vets

Region 1 Veterans Council Meeting-2

Region 1 Veterans Council Meeting-3/2018

Region 1 Veterans Council Meeting-4

Veterans Council, VA Hospital, Easter for Vets

Labor School Classes

If you’re interested in taking any classes please contact the Union office.



UAW Region 1 Winter Education Program

Six week of FREE educational workshop beginning Tuesday, February 6, 2018. Participants will have a choice between morning (10 a.m. -12p.m.) or evening (5 p.m.- 7 p.m.) Each workshop is for six consecutive weeks.

Workshops being offered this season are :

Grivenace Handling


Social Unionism

If you’re interested in participating in the upcoming events, please contact the Union office.

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