Upcoming Events

Greetings P&A, UAW Local 1979 Members,

If you’re interested in participating in the following events please contact the Union office.  (7.1945 or office@uaw1979.org)



General Membership Meeting: 

*May 18,2017 Medical Campus* Scott Hall , Room 2238

June 15, 2017, UGL, Community Room

July 20, 2017, UGL, Community Room

August 17, 2017, Purdy room 0144

*September 21, 2017* Medical Campus* Scott Hall, Room 223

October 19,2017 UGL, Community Room

November 16, 2017 UGL, Community Room












UAW Region 1 Director’s Scholarship

The scholarship program is open to all students who have reached a high level of scholastic achievement and are interested in continuing their education. We encourage all UAW Region 1 members and retirees who have children or grandchildren ( who are still dependents and are entering college this fall or are already in college) to urge the students to apply for these scholarships.

The eligibility requirements and application form for the UAW Region 1 Director’s Scholarship are available on the UAW Region 1 website (region1.uaw.org) under the tab “Community Caring”.

Application must be submitted by April 14, 2017 ( no exceptions)




If you’re interested in participating in the upcoming events, please contact the Union office.

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