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2018 Summer Picnic

Annual Picnic, Solidarity Wednesday! Tyhronda Jackson, Research & Education Committee Chairperson Nawana Lawana, Women’s  Committee Chairperson Rosalind Willis, President For more pictures, please view the photo gallery photographer  P&A member Jeff Dunn! Summer Picnic

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Active Shooter Training Video Links

SURVIVING AN ACTIVE SHOOTER – LA County Sheriff RUN HIDE FIGHT Last Resort Active Shooter Survival Measures  

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What Has The Union Done For Me?

Ever hear that question? Job Security ________________________Article 1,3 Representation_______________________Article 1 Grievance Procedure __________________Article 8,13 Promotional Opportunities______________Article 15, 16 Job Classifications____________________Article 1, 57 Relief Periods_______________________Article 33 Uniform Pay Scale____________________Article 57 Guaranteed Wage Increases______________Article 1 Overtime Pay________________________Article 25 Shift Premiums ______________________Article 25 … Continue reading

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