Job Duties of Vacant Positions

Financial Secretary

Section 4.   It shall be the duty of the Financial Secretary to receive all dues, initiation fees, readmission fees, and all other income of the Local Union for any fund from any source and to give official receipts for same, as provided in this Constitution. Financial Secretaries of Local Unions having a check-off arrangement shall issue one (1) receipt for the check received from the company, and otherwise use the procedure outlined above for any other income No receipt shall be issued to individual members unless the company does not show on the check stub or pay envelope the amount of the deduction and the reason therefore.

Section 5.   Th e Financial Secretary shall write all checks drawn on the Local Union funds and report in writing every month at a regular meeting of the Local Union giving the amount of monies received and paid out during the previous calendar month, divided as between the various income and expenditure classifications, and the remaining balances in the fund accounts of the Local Union.


Section 6.  Th e Financial Secretary shall deposit all collections either with the Treasurer, taking a receipt therefore, or in such banks as Local Union Trustees may direct, with advice to the Treasurer as to the amount so deposited.  

Section 7.  Th e Financial Secretary shall by the 20th of each month, submit a monthly per capita tax to the International Secretary-Treasurer in accordance with Article 16, Section 6.  S/He shall receive applications for membership and notify the candidates of their election or rejection. S/He shall assist the International Union in seeing that all members receive the official publication regularly when eligible, provide each member with an official receipt for all monies paid and make available to each member a copy of the International Constitution and bylaws of the Local Union. Union membership cards and/or dues buttons may be issued at the option of the Local Union.

Section  8.  Th e Financial Secretary shall furnish the International Secretary-Treasurer, through the Local Union Information System (LUIS), with the names and addresses of all the officers of the Local Union. S/He shall keep a record of all members initiated, suspended, expelled or deceased, transfers in and out and reinstatements, during her/his term of office and notify the International Secretary Treasurer of same, by updating the Local Union’s membership records in the Local Union Information System (LUIS), and shall perform such other duties as the bylaws prescribe or the Local Union may direct. Th ere shall be maintained by the Financial Secretary a complete record of all active members of the Local Union. Th is record shall have the date of initiation, the date and cause of suspension or expulsion, the date of reinstatement, together with the date of death, home address and such other matters as may be deemed necessary to keep a record of the continuous membership of a member of the Local Union.

 The Financial Secretary shall not make said record of all active members (membership list) available to anyone except pursuant to the provisions of Article 37, Section 9 of this Constitution.

Section 9.  Th e Financial Secretary shall keep an inventory of all records and property of the Local Union, the same to contain, when possible, date of purchase and amount paid for each article. S/He shall notify all members in arrears of the amount of their indebtedness and turn over her/his books to the Trustees for audit and approval when called to do so. S/He shall, on the demand of the International Secretary-Treasurer, produce her/his books for examination and audit and shall comply with the provisions of this Constitution.

Section 10.  Should it be proven that any Local Union Financial Secretary has willfully and intentionally failed to report monthly the full membership of her/his Local Union to the International Secretary-Treasurer; or should it be proven that any Local Union President, Treasurer and/or Financial Secretary willfully and intentionally refuses to sign a check to send in the full amount of per capita tax on the same number of members who have paid dues to the Local Union, the Local Union may be suspended from all privileges and benefits until the deficiency is made good and the officer or officers responsible for such failure shall not be allowed to again hold office in the organization for a period of two (2) years.


Section 12. Th e Trustees shall have general supervision over all funds and property of the Local Union. They shall audit or cause to be audited by a Certified Public Accountant selected by the Local Union Executive Board, the records of the Financial Officers of the Local Union semiannually as provided herein, using the Trustee Audit Form found on the Local Union Information System (LUIS), a copy of which shall be forwarded to the International Secretary-Treasurer immediately thereafter. It shall also be their duty to see that the Financial Officers of the Local Union are bonded in conformity with the laws of the International Union. Th e Trustees shall see that all funds shall be deposited in a bank subject to an order signed by the President and Treasurer and/or Financial Secretary. In Local Unions where safety deposit boxes are used, the Trustees shall see that the signatures of the President, Treasurer and one (1) of the Trustees are required before admittance to the safety deposit box is permitted. In the event the books are not received for audit within fifteen (15) days after the end of each six-month period, the Chairperson of the Trustees shall make a report to the next meeting of the Local Union for action.



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