Snowpile at Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Snowpile program! Snowpile offers families admitted on the date of the event the opportunity to come to a special holiday space our staff create for them and choose gifts for all the children in their family. This amazing event is the highlight of our holiday season and impacts many, many patients and families, helping to create special memories during a special time of year.
Individuals or groups can help by following these recommendations when donating gifts.
Please keep in mind:

 SAFETY is the most important consideration when selecting items
 NO USED ITEMS PLEASE. We only accept new toys, games, books, and stuffed animals
 Violent games and books, toy guns, swords, and projectile toys are not accepted
 Please refrain from including drones, slime kits/items, candy, food, glow items or chalk of any kind
 Please refrain from donating items which contain specific religious or political themes
 Due to safety recalls, please avoid dollar store items
 Arts & craft materials must have the non-toxic seal (AP, CP, health label Non-Toxic)
 Crayons (including those in art kits) must be Crayola or Rose Art brands
 Some children are sensitive to natural rubber latex, please:
 Buy only specific name brands whenever possible
 Do not donate items known to contain natural rubber latex including, but not limited to, rubber balloons, Koosh
balls, rubber stamps, rubber balls, rubber erasers, paddles with rubber balls attached, etc.

 Leave gifts unwrapped as it will allow caregivers to see what their gifts options are when choosing items for their child
 Grouping like items together in your donation at drop off is very helpful! For example, all Lego sets together, all infant
toys together, etc.
 Please note that secondary to a variety of hospital policies, donors are not able to directly hand out or provide
donations to patients and families. Rather, our staff will ensure the items are utilized for the benefit of patients and
families during the Snowpile event and beyond.

Suggested Items for Donation
(continued on the following page)

INFANT-TODDLER (newborn to 2 years)
Bouncy seats and swings
Crib gyms
Fisher Price crib attachments and mobiles
Infant SoundSpa/sound machines
Infant mirrors (no glass, must be shatterproof)
Oball rattles and balls
Teething toys and sippy cups
Bathtub toys
Mr./Mrs. Potato Head
Interactive light/sound/push button toys

Fisher Price ring stack toy
Fisher Price shape sorters
Push and pull toys
Fisher Price xylophone and other play instruments
Play telephones
Tonka/Little Tykes first trucks & cars
Lego Duplo My First Bricks sets
My First Crayola art sets
Simple wooden puzzles

PRESCHOOL (3 to 5 years)
Lego Duplo blocks
Fisher Price doctor play kits
Fisher Price Little People & play sets
Beginner board games: Memory, UNO Moo, Chutes and
Ladders, CandyLand, Zingo, etc.
Beginner puzzles
Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars & play sets
Play-Doh & accessories

Play food sets
Baby dolls
My First Crayola art sets
Crayola Color Wonder art sets
Wikki Sticks art sets
Squigz toys
Mega Blocks sets

SCHOOL – AGE (6 to 10 years)
Superhero action figures
Craft kits
Basic science/STEM kits
Board games: Connect Four, Sorry, Guess Who, Trouble,
Monopoly , Headbandz, Jenga, Apples to Apples Jr., etc.

Card games: Uno, Phase 10, Skip Bo, Spot it, regular card
Video games: rated E for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars & play sets
Lego sets

PRE-TEEN AND TEEN (11 years and up)
Bead/jewelry kits
Craft kits
Sketch pads & art supplies
Adult coloring books and colored pencils
Board games – Monopoly, Battleship, Blokus, Rummikub,
Yahtzee, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Life, etc.
Card games—Uno, Phase 10, Skip-Bo, regular card decks
Videogames: rated up to E 10+ for PlayStation 4 and Xbox

Lego sets
Model/Science Kits
Nail, hair, and body care sets, makeup palettes
Fuzzy socks, PJ pants
Travel bottles/cups/mugs (plastic and aluminum only)

“Where’s Waldo?” or “Look and Find” Books
Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 9V)
Books (infant through young adult)
Crayola crayons, markers, & colored pencils

DVDs (rated G, PG, & PG-13)
Sound machines and white noise machines
Journals & pens
Nerf basketballs/footballs

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Bigby
Barnes & Noble

Best Buy


All Monetary donations should be directed to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation Child Life Toy Fund
for the purchasing of toys.


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